Follow the Cup_Semi-final cut. UEFA

The brainchild of long haired maverick director Ben Unwin. Ben spent three months traveling the globe with the Champions League Trophy tucked under his arm and tiny bullet cams glued all over it. The result? Some fantastic footage and a set of pacey, bonkers fan worshiping moments that couldn't have been captured any other way. 


Racing Car Jazz. Red Bull

Red Bull may have some of the fastest cars in the world but not necessarily the best taste in music. Why not try some jazz?


20 Years World Tour_On screen content. Placebo

Some of the very best snippets of graphic content created for Placebo's Twenty Years Tour. A selection of Placebo's most loved videos shot on 16mm and 35mm were digitised, cut and in some cases re animated to create these explosive colourful graphic clips. They appeared behind the band on a huge very bright low resolution screen giving an eye watering punch to the bands performance.


Earth Hour UK_2011. World Wildlife Fund

Earth Hour is World Wildlife Fund's annual switch off. It encourages us to stop using power for an hour in order to highlight the effects that excess energy consumption has on our planet. This short tells the story of the pedal powered Albert Hall Zoetrope. 


Christmas Everyday. Crisis

One of eight award winning films that were part of Crisis Christmas Campaign to raise money for the homeless. The creative team worked directly with homeless people who are supported by Crisis to take part in music writing and performing. 


Speedball training with Amir Kahn. Reebok

Amir Kahn works out and shows us his advanced techniques when it comes to training on the speedball. A unique insight into what makes him one of boxing's modern greats.